What preparations based on Vardenafil substance can be found in pharmacies?

  • Preparations based on Vardenafil – a novelty for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
    Brand Levitra, which includes the existing active substance vardenafil (Vardenafil) – is the latest development of pharmaceutical companies, which is designed to help men with erectile dysfunction. Vardenafil was developed by Bayer and is available not only under the brand name Levitra, but also as a Levitra Soft. Just a few years later since the mid-2000s Vardenafil was admitted to the markets of 120 countries, which account for 90% of global sales of drugs to increase potency. Currently, every third patient with problems of impotence (erectile dysfunction) experts appointed Vardenafil as the best means to improve potency. Vardenafil (Levitra) is for sale at the highest quality generic of the drug. It is important to note that all generic of Levitra are complete analogues in chemical composition, as the basis of all of these drugs for the treatment of potency – Vardenafil.

How works Vardenafil?

  • Vardenafil, which is included in all generics of Levitra, is a representative group of selective phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. The basic principle of the next Levitra – Vardenafil substance acts on the smooth muscle of penile arteries completely relaxes them, which in turn significantly increases the blood flow to the male pelvis. But compared with the other drugs of this class of drugs, Vardenafil is the most highly selective – its action is aimed right on target on the corpora cavernosa of the penis. As for side effects, they are almost there, as vardenafil has no effect on the retina, as well as internal organs. On a scale of activity in the drug sildenafil 7 times more active and nine times more active tadalafil.

Who can use Vardenafil?

  • Preparations on the basis of the active ingredient Vardenafil designed to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence in men aged 25-65 years.

Why is it worth to try and buy Vardenafil?

  • Vardenafil is the most modern and efficient, and the drug to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction;
  • Levitra is fully compatible with alcohol is the main feature of vardenafil;
    Vardenafil is suitable for patients who did not fit the other drugs of PDE-5 inhibitors;
  • Levitra starts its action after 15 minutes after administration, and the effect lasts for 8-10 hours (only in the moments of sexual arousal or stimulation of the penis);
    Vardenafil Full safety and lack of side effects of the drug.